Sunday, November 29, 2009

I could ACTUALLY play this for hours

Danelectro Dano 63

Cool style, white back and sides and lipstick pickups. Nice short neck for smaller hands. Semi hollow body for playing without an amp, had great acoustic sound.

Lists for around $299

Want This, could play it for hours. I think.

The Eigenharp

It looks cool, 120 guitar keys, 4 rhythm keys
and a mouthpiece. And it ONLY works on a Mac.
Fuels my Mac snobbery.
Lists for around $3990

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things I covet and plan to buy in the new year

Vespa LX 150. Ever since Diva and Quadrophenia I've wanted one. The model I want lists for about $4200

The Mini Clubman, I drive a station wagon that I resent, not for long. -

The model and extras I want list for about $22500

cars on the street

The rules for Cars on The Street are simple, it needs to be beautiful, unique and in use as a mode of transportation. Mostly these are cars I see driving around the Philadelphia area.