Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back on the Scooter thing

Today was the first truly beautiful day in a long horrible winter, the motorcycle goons were out in force, all of them noisy, inconsiderate, poorly dressed and screaming "look at me!" while completely ignoring all traffic laws. Today reminded me of how much I want a scooter, a cool and quiet little scooter. Operating a two wheeled open air motor-vehicle is thrilling, the closeness to the road, the cliched wind in your face, the throttle as opposed to a gas pedal. It's all fun and a little dangerous.

Dangerous. That's me all over, a total desperado, that's why I want a light blue scooter. I may not even wear a helmet, that's how badass I am. I may hit 40 MPH while shouting "Ciao!" at people I don't care for.

I have no practical reason for wanting one; I just think it would be fun. I'll tell my wife that I can use it for those trips to the store when you only need a few things, I'll promise my daughter that she can ride on it, LIES all lies. I'll ride it around on sunny days while the kids are in school or at camp, for NO GOOD REASON and I'll do it alone. It'll be awesome. And I might take my wife on it if we're going out to dinner locally, that'd be fun but mostly it's about me.
Me getting coffee, me going somewhere sunny to read a book, me just tooling around. ME ME ME. Ciao bitches.


  1. Leo Leo Leo, thats so 2006


  2. Nooooooooooooo!

    I have a mini, that'll do I guess