Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Idea of Fun

Saturday morning, coffee, New Yorker, Facebook and a gallon of white paint spilled on the kitchen floor.

One of the things I really hate about dogs is how they point out your shortcomings. Had I used a hammer to close the paint can it wouldn't have spilled when the Dogtard knocked it over. The thing is that I rarely have a hammer handy when I paint, to close the lid I use the butt of the screwdriver that I used to open it. Hammering the lid would mean walking all the way to the basement for a hammer that I will forget to put away. So my laziness is the root cause but the Pit Bull is the catalyst?

Regardless of who's to blame (the dog) my quiet kitchen morning became an instant cluster fuck. Dog knocks over can, runs away, wife goes to get coffee and POW everyone is running for towels, mop and a squeegee. I just had to look up the spelling of squeegee; who ever writes that word? It takes roughly a half hour for three people to clean up a gallon of paint, including the lifting of the fridge to get the squeegee under it.

We had a kitchen chair that needed priming so naturally I had my daughter use the remaining puddle of paint to do it. After cleaning up we let the dog out of her crate and she instantly went rubbing under the chair for the gold in the counterintuitive olympics. She's spotted now, it's the stupid dog version of the scarlet letter.

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