Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The British Virgin Islands

This picture is from a real estate company's web site, selling the property in the lower right hand corner, the one with the dock. I want it, maybe not in the long run, but I want it right now. If I had it right now I wouldn't be sitting in my kitchen with two feet of snow on the ground and more falling, bored out of my mind while my kids play video games. Every once and a while I get up and go outside to see if it's more fun than inside, it's not, it's a frozen hell.

I don't sail, I'm a fair to crappy swimmer, the sun makes me a little itchy and I'm not super crazy about sand, but right now I'd like to be sitting on the end of that dock, drinking a Corona and throwing projectiles (rocks, shells, ashtrays) into the water. Maybe do a little snorkeling over near that dark patch on the middle left side of the picture, looks like it might be interesting. After that I'd probably wish I had cable t.v. (not available) and read a book, by now I'm ready for a nap. You get the idea.

According to the realtors the house, "green land" and the dock are yours but the water and beach belong to the British government. At least I wouldn't have to worry about maintaining the beach.

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