Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mac Book Pro

The dog ate my computer. Not all of it, just the upper right corner of it, my once 13 inch monitor has been reduced to an eight inch screen. An eight inch screen would rock if the rest of the computer were maybe nine inches.

We have a new puppy, a little black pit bull, she's sweet, great with kids and good with other dogs. But puppies are puppies and the minute you turn your back they will ruin something expensive, it's their "thing" and I should have known better than to leave my laptop on a table.

So now I'm faced with a $300 dollar repair bill so I can actually see some of the VERY IMPORTANT things on the right side of the screen. It's ok with the internet, just make a tiny window (thanks dog) but with things like iTunes or any other non internet software I'm pretty much screwed. (F-You Dog)

Instead of getting it repaired the wheels started turning; my wife wanted to bring the dog into our home, so it's sort of her fault right? So for my horrible trials trying to shrink everything to fit my screen I think I deserve an upgrade as compensation.

So I want a Mac Book Pro, I want it shiny and chrome and fast. If I had a lawyer he'd totally file for replacement plus pain and suffering.

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