Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Woodworking Shop

I'm a little tired of buying crappy furniture from Ikea only to be frustrated by the pictograph instructions and then further frustrated by the piece's inevitable wobbly decent into broken. I also know that my front porch is going to need some serious repairs this spring and I'm too cheap to hire someone.

I have 90% of the tools needed to have a functioning home woodworking shop, 90% of the know how for building things and 0.5% of the discipline to organize everything and keep it that way.

It would be great to have the wherewithal to simply build and finish the odd piece of furniture I need to fill gaps like that strange corner that could use a table but nothing fits, a t.v. stand that fits the size and aesthetic of our family room or even knowing that when I install new butcher block counters and fix the porch I'll have everything I need at hand.

So even though I could build myself a good work bench, install pegboard to hang tools, maybe a small lumber storage area and some storage cabinets I guess what I'm really after is the discipline to do it. When I work on a project around the house I always leave tools scattered around and forget to put them back with the rest of the tools; great when you go to hang a picture and find your hammer sitting on a bureau where you left it, but not so great when you go to the basement and can't find it because it's on said bureau.

Last night my wife discovered that the bathtub drain has been leaking and dripping down on the kitchen ceiling causing a pretty big hole when she drained the tub. Today I'll fix the plumbing, I keep all of my plumbing tools in a big orange bucket, with wrenches, putty and tape, so that's no problem. Tomorrow when I need to repair the ceiling I'll be scrambling for knives, saws, joint compound and one of the twenty or so boxes of dry wall screws I know I have around here somewhere. That's why I need a place to organize my tools and supplies but more so the basic knowledge that if I put it back it will be there when I need it.

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