Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another pair of Tigers

I go through shoe phases, I'm way too lazy to switch things up so I wear the same type of shoe every day. I went through a long period of Merrells in the winter, Tevas in the summer, then there was a short lived Adidas Samba period, then back to Merrells. Then I bought a pair of Converse low tops, I used to wear the high tops when I was younger, turns out the low tops are a little more grown up. When I first put my All-Stars on they felt like the PF-Flyers I wore for my six month stint in public school, boxy, flat and totally unsupportive. Once they broke in my long Converse period began, until I got a pair of these Tigers. I hadn't worn Tigers since I started running in my 20s, then they changed to Asics and were strictly running with no side of style.

My new Tigers are awesome, they're low profile, (when you're small and skinny you don't want big shoes) comfortable and I can break into a run if I need to chase my dog or children. So I have a black pair but can't wear them with brown cords or khakis, so I guess I need the same shoe in olive.

I think I'll replace my stinky Tevas with my low top chucks this summer, switch it up a little. I'm crazy like that.

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