Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's Talk About The Mini Wave

So I love my Mini. I haven't exactly kept that a secret; I'm just not ready for the social responsibility that comes along with it.

When I bought my car I had no idea that I would be expected to wave to every other Mini owner as I pass them. It would be one thing if most drivers just didn't do it but they do. Easily 90% of the Mini drivers I pass do some variety of the wave. Most tend to stick to the two finger variation of the Cub Scout salute; some just a casual "I'm almost too cool to do this" wave without taking the hand from the steering wheel; some actually use the "hang loose" surfer wave, and once I even got the heavy metal devil horns.

Back when there were only a few Minis on the road this might have been fun, but the truth is that there are tons on road. They're everywhere. I love looking at the different models and how people customize theirs, the different color and stripe combinations. To me it's a really aesthetically pleasing vehicle. I also love driving mine; it's the most fun I've ever had driving, and I guess other Mini drivers love that aspect of the car as well.

So, aesthetic appreciation and the assumed love of driving a handley little car suggests that Mini drivers have so much in common that we should wave to each other as if we're all casual friends? Am I just a curmudgeon? Maybe, but I'm only going to wave when trapped. Once I've made eye contact or if I'm stuck across from another one at a red light, that's trapped and I'll wave then.


  1. This is something that motorcyclists have always done with each other as well (though I've noted some snobbishness among Harley riders who only seem to wave at other Harley riders).

    I've also discovered that it is also something that school bus drivers do (now that I am one).

  2. you could always wave your middle finger and see how that goes...

  3. my friend in HS drove a VW bus and he ALWAYS waved to other VW's , I found it a little embarrassing when I was with him. Does your Mini have stripes? What color is it? I like Mini's too, kinda drawn to the Honda Civic Hybrid recently also...