Sunday, December 20, 2009

SnoWovel Wheeled Snow Shovel

After spending about 40 minutes shoveling snow with an old orange snow shovel I'm on the couch with a heat pad on my lower back. I don't have enough sidewalk to justify a snowblower, and I'm low on storage space. So I googled Ergonomic Shovel and was met with a lot of shovels that still had me lifting and throwing heaps of snow. Then I found the SnoWovel, it looks like an old Victorian unicycle with a shovel attached. The giant wheel acts as a kind of fulcrum so you can flip the snow instead of lifting it.

I really like the goofy look of it and the fact that it folds flat makes it easier to store than the outdated orange shovel I'm using now. I also think that the first two or three times I used it would be fun, since it snows about three times a year in Philadelphia that works out well. After that I'm sure it would go back to trudgery, but at least I won't be stuck on the couch nursing my back.

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