Thursday, December 31, 2009

The FUTURE & My Jet Pack

When I was a little kid we were all 100% certain that the year 2010 would be smooth and silver, we'd all have robots to do the housework and even robot pets competing with our real pets for our affection. For some reason we were all going to wear shiny jumpsuits and strange headgear but we could order anything we wanted from the food synthesizer on the wall. More importantly we were going to fly to school with our jet packs, if we even actually went to school instead of having our robot teacher teach us at home. I was so down with either option.

In the late seventies my generation caught wind of Soylent Green, Omega Man and Planet of the Apes and the downward spiral of our future began. Goddamn you Charlton Heston. But it wasn't all Chuck's fault, soon came Mad Max and Blade Runner and we just knew we'd never get our jet packs and robot servants because man is ultimately so flawed. Condemned to row homes and cars with four wheels we gave up on the 2000s as our time of unhurried intellectual and artistic pursuits.

I think this introduction to dystopia made my generation take its eye off the ball, we resigned ourselves to the mundane or worse: a future of bare bones survival or at least a future of earning money doing things we care little about.

So here we are going into a new decade and even though the future of my childhood never came I've decided to try to pursue things that I want to do and that might also provide a little happiness for others. Still want my Jet-Pack though.

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  1. I think we have a way to go...and frankly, I do blame Charlton Heston...for almost everything!